Risk Management

In today's litigious society, risk management is essential to the practice of quality medicine. ProAd offers the resources you need to minimize your risks as a health care provider.

The most effective way to protect your practice is to prevent claims from occurring. For this reason, ProAd offers quality continuing education in the medico-legal arena to doctors and health care professionals. Whatever your specialty, whatever your interests, you can learn more about minimizing your risks as a health care provider by participating in these invaluable programs:

  • Focused programs presented by knowledgeable medical, legal and claims management experts utilizing case studies, interactive materials and handouts
  • Timely publications examine important risk management issues and offer practical advice on ways to lower the risk of a medical malpractice lawsuit
  • Information is provided on ways to improve patient care, communications, record keeping and other key areas through the use of on-site evaluation assessments
  • Specialists are available to answer your risk management questions to help you identify and reduce your liability risk exposure