Facing a claim can be incredibly stressful, but with Professional's Advocate's comprehensive approach to claims management, you will never go through it alone. From emotional support and litigation education to providing the region's most aggresive claims defense, ProAd has the experience you need. 

The Doctor-to-Doctor Advantage

As a doctor-owned and directed insurer, we are uniquely sensitive to the potential career-threatening impact of litigation. Thus, the defense of your personal integrity and professional competence is fundamental to the mission of Professionals Advocate.

National Reputation

Professionals Advocate has inherited a vast amount of experience with the complex legal issues surrounding health care, and has assembled a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable health care, legal and insurance professionals. ProAd and MEDICAL MUTUAL, our parent company, have achieved national reputations for excellence in the claims defense area.

A Proactive Approach

Professionals Advocate starts by taking a strong and proactive approach in the investigation and defense of covered claims. Our years of experience are invaluable as we aggressively research the facts and carefully examine all medical and legal subtleties. Our Claims Committee, a group of doctors with a wide variety of specialties, gives us important insight and guidance on difficult claims.

Finest Legal Representation

The attorneys we use are experts in the defense of malpractice claims, and were chosen by Professionals Advocate after a rigorous selection process. Although no one can guarantee victory, our record does speak for itself. The majority of all claims end with no payment to the claimant.

Remember, Professionals Advocate is here to assist you. If you are apprehensive because you suspect a claim might be filed, or you have any type of situation you want to talk about, call us. Our experienced Claims Management staff understands your concerns and may be able to offer counsel or information to guide and reassure you.