Facing a claim can be incredibly stressful, but with Professionals Advocate's comprehensive approach to claims management, you will never face one alone. From emotional support and litigation education to providing a renowned aggressive claims defense, Professionals Advocate has the experience you need.


The backbone of Professionals Advocate is our dedication to providing Doctors and Dentists in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia with the most aggressive claims defense. Created by a Doctor-owned and directed company, we are uniquely sensitive to the impact of a claim on your career. We believe that you deserve a relentless defense of your personal integrity and professional competence. In fact, we are proud to have a national reputation for our exceptional claims defense.


We will approach your claim head-on. We will thoroughly research the facts of the case and carefully examine the medical and legal subtleties at play. Our proactive approach to claims handling allows us to formulate an effective, aggressive defense. Although no one can guarantee victory, our record speaks for itself. The majority of our claims end with no payment to the claimant.


Our defense attorneys have undergone a rigorous selection process. We only work with local attorneys who are proven leaders in defending against local malpractice claims.


From the moment you contact us about a claim, our in-house claims team will provide you with support, education, and guidance. We understand how stressful a claim can be and that the legal arena can be confusing. Should your claim progress through the courts, we will remain by your side and be there through trial. While you are the medical expert, we take pride in being your professional liability expert.