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Additional Resources

Responsibility for the Acts of Others
These 2010 proceedings from Baylor University Medical Center summarize the general circumstances in which a health care professional or entity might be responsible for the actions of employees.

American Society of Anesthesiologists, Physician Series Manual on Professional Liability
This 29-page manual has several sections about vicarious liability. The sections discuss the typical sources of vicarious liability as well as how anesthesiologists can protect themselves from this type of liability. The booklet also has a section addressing special considerations for anesthesiologists who work in teaching programs.

Physician Liability for the Actions of Midlevel Providers
This 2015 Medical Economics article addresses the extent to which physicians might be held liable for the actions of Physician Extenders (PEs), such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners. The article addresses the potential benefits of using PEs, sources of liability for the acts of PEs, and minimizing exposure to liability.

The Perils of Vicarious Liability
This 2011 Medical Economics article addresses the vicarious liability issues that can arise when physicians share office space and staff even if their practices are legally separated.

The Professional Entity: How to Limit Your Liability Exposure
This 2012 article provides an overview of how to set up a practice entity to reduce vicarious liability risk. The article includes some helpful do’s and don’ts for avoiding the appearance of partnership where none exists.

Malpractice Risks to Consider as More Practices Utilize Advanced Practitioners
This 2014 article addresses the importance of reviewing your professional liability coverage when you are utilizing a team approach that includes “non-physician providers” (NPPs), such as nurses and physician assistants.