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Fall 2017
Additional resources on handling vaccine refusals
Don't Get Stuck: What to Do When Parents Refuse to Vaccinate Their Children
(PDF, 604 KB)

Spring/Summer 2017
Additional ADA resources
Physicians and the Americans with Disabilities Act
(PDF, 1.09 MB)

Fall/Winter 2016
Additional opioid resources
Opioid Prescribing
A Delicate Balance!
(PDF, 6.97 MB)

Spring/Summer 2016
Smile! The Doctor Will See You Now!
(PDF, 570 KB)

Winter 2015
Handle with Care:
A Guide to Records Requests in Virginia
(PDF, 5.47 MB)

Spring 2015
Playing Defense
(PDF, 781 KB)

Winter 2014
Do You Know Your Practice's Data Security Risks?
(PDF, 5.77 MB)

Spring 2014
The RAP on RAC
(PDF, 373 KB)

Fall 2013
The HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
(PDF, 1029 KB)

Spring 2013
Informed Patient or Bully? A Doctor's Dilemma
(PDF, 883 KB)

Fall/Winter 2012
Pain Management: A Physician Survival Guide
(PDF, 661 KB)

Spring 2012
Anti-Coagulation Therapies: A Review of Best Practices for Managing Risk
(PDF, 647 KB)

Winter 2011
Medical Office 911: Expecting the Unexpected
(PDF, 676 KB)

Winter 2010
Why Can't We Be "Friends"?
(PDF, 832 KB)

Summer 2010
High Time for HITECH?
(PDF, 1.34 MB)

Special Edition 2009
FTC Delays Enforcement of "Red Flags" Rule
(PDF, 863 KB)

Summer 2009
Curbside or Bedside?
(PDF, 800)

Winter 2008
Doing No e-Harm
(PDF, 242 KB)

Summer 2008
Promises, Promises...
(PDF, 323 KB)

Fall/Winter 2007
Consultation and Transfer of Care:
Avoiding the Risks
(PDF, 394 KB)

Summer 2007
The Difficult Doctor
(PDF, 303 KB)

Spring 2006
"I'm Sorry" May Be More Complicated Than You Think
(PDF, 351 KB)

Winter 2005
Maryland's New "I'm Sorry" Legislation
(PDF, 168 KB)

Spring 2005
Culture and Medicine: Treating Patients from a Variety of Cultural Backgrounds
(PDF, 252 KB)

Fall 2004
Documentation Pitfalls: Ways to Avoid Them
(PDF, 467 KB)

Spring 2004
Spotting the Impaired Driver: A Roadmap for Physicians.
(PDF, 250 KB)

Summer 2003
Proposed EMTALA changes impact the medical staff.
(PDF, 285 KB)

Spring 2003
Minors and the consent process and CDC guidelines on hand hygiene.
(PDF, 317 KB)

Fall/Winter 2002
Learn how to give your patients a "Notice of Privacy Practices" as required by HIPAA.
(PDF, 178 KB)

Special 2002
Medical disclosures as a way to improve communication, reduce exposure and benefit your practice.
(PDF, 271 KB)

Spring 2002
Informed refusal and HIPAA Update.
(PDF, 137 KB)

Fall/Winter 2001
HIPAA Privacy Regulations What every Physician needs to know.
(PDF, 123 KB)

Spring/Summer 2001
Poor health literacy The hidden health care dilemma.
(PDF, 149 KB)

Fall/Winter 2000
Failure to diagnose.
(PDF, 271 KB)

Spring/Summer 2000
Internet Liability.
(PDF, 184 KB)

Fall/Winter 1999
Responsibilities of the On-Call Physician.
(PDF, 184 KB)

Spring/Summer 1999
Dueling Doctors: Dueling with a colleague still exists among physicians. Innocuous chart entries and billing errors can have disastrous outcomes.
(PDF, 346 KB)

Fall/Winter 1998
This issue not currently available.

Spring/Summer 1998
Focus on health care related laws and regulations.
(PDF, 301 KB)

Fall/Winter 1997
The importance of good documentation in a malpractice defense.
(PDF, 983 KB)

Spring/Summer 1997
Physician Extenders: Who are they and what do you need to know for them to be an asset to your practice?
(PDF, 366 KB)

Fall/Winter 1996
Highlights of the PIAA Acute Myocardial Infarction Study.
(PDF, 902 KB)

Spring/Summer 1996
Paperless record-keeping Is it for you?
(PDF, 971 KB)

Fall/Winter 1995
Managed care A question of quality.
(PDF, 288 KB)

Spring/Summer 1995
Doctor, are you listening? Enhanced physician-patient communication skills are an important key to preventing malpractice litigation.
(PDF, 964 KB)

Fall/Winter 1994
Why you can't "just say no." Information and guidance regarding the ADA and HIV/AIDS infected patients.
(PDF, 869 KB)

Spring/Summer 1994
A doctor's worst nightmare: A charge of sexual misconduct.
(PDF, 905 KB)