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To report an incident, claim or lawsuit simply call 800-492-0193 and inform the operator that you are an Insured Doctor reporting a new case. You will be placed in contact with a Claims Department representative who will take additional information and advise you in greater detail. It is helpful if you have the patient’s chart ready along with the details of the incident, claim or lawsuit.

While no Doctor enjoys hearing of the existence of a claim or lawsuit, swift reporting is essential for numerous reasons. Initially, prompt reporting may trigger your claims-made insurance coverage and fulfills your reporting responsibility under your insurance policy. Timely reporting allows the Claims Department representative to provide you with valuable advice and allows for initial meetings and investigations to occur without undue interruption of your practice or personal life.

  • Insured Doctors should report any incident which may give rise to a claim or lawsuit. Simply reporting an incident has no effect on a Doctor’s claims history, underwriting rating, or premium. (Your insurance coverage may not be triggered by an incident, but is always triggered by reporting a claim or lawsuit.)

  • Similarly, a patient’s attorney may forward a claim letter demanding compensation for alleged damages incurred as a result of your care. Claims are investigated and evaluated by Claims Department representatives in conjunction with the Doctor, and need to be reported as soon as possible.

  • Finally, an Insured Doctor may be served with a lawsuit. Contact the Claims Department as soon as you are notified of the existence of a lawsuit, or if you receive a copy via process server, certified mail or any other medium. There are statutory deadlines limiting the time your attorney has to respond once you have been served and delays in reporting hamper the initial stages of your defense.