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e-dataRESPONSE+ coverage can provide meaningful protection and reimbursement in case of a data breach. In addition to helping you navigate the complex legal response of a breach and covering out-of-pocket expenses that may result from the breach, e-dataRESPONSE+ adds the extra protection of cyber liability coverage in the event of a claim or lawsuit.


e-dataRESPONSE+ Coverage at a Glance

Breach Notices Services Coverage  
Credit & fraud monitoring 1 Year
Expenses to comply with breach laws Included
Legal services Included
Forensic services Included
Notice fulfillment services Included
Breach notice response service No Sublimit
Summary of Key Coverage Features  
Virus & malicious code coverage Included
Unauthorized access of physically lost or stolen data storage devices Included
Electronic & paper records Included
Payment card breach No Sublimit

Regulatory imposed civil fines or penalties (HIPAA) (Subject to sublimit. May not be fully covered.)

Privacy Liability Coverage  
Theft or loss of PII Included
Negligent privacy violation: Correction to PII Included
Negligent privacy violation: Access to PII Included
Security Breach Liability Coverage  
Virus & malicious code coverage Included
Unauthorized access/use Included
Breach of service provider system Included
Inside criminal activity Included
Denial of service attack Included
Theft/loss of data on computer system Included
Extra expense to recover from breach Included