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What is tail coverage?
"Tail" coverage is another name for an extended reporting period endorsement. This type of coverage protects you from future claims caused by incidents that occurred while your claims-made policy was in effect. Tail coverage is needed only when your claims-made policy is terminated, as at retirement.

Qualifying for tail coverage at no cost
There are several ways for a qualified Professionals Advocate Insured to receive tail coverage at no cost:

  • Permanent and total retirement from professional practice after having been insured with ProAd for at least one full year.

  • Permanent relocation of the professional practice to a state where neither we nor any of our subsidiaries offer professional liability insurance after having been insured with ProAd for at least one full year.

  • If you become totally and permanently disabled as defined in your policy.

  • In the event of your death.

Purchasing Tail Coverage
Once a claims-made policy is canceled, tail coverage must be purchased in order for coverage to be available for claims made after the policy termination date for incidents that occurred while the policy was in force.

A tail coverage policy can either be paid in full or in three separate installments where 50% is due within 60 days of the policy cancellation date, 25% is due one year after the cancellation date of the policy, and the final 25% is due two years after the cancellation date of the policy.